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It was the collapse of the Soviet Union in late that brought to life an active but essentially dysfunctional international organization called, rather misleadingly, the Commonwealth of Independent States CIS. The three Baltic states Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania refused to be associated with this organization, and Georgia, while initially declining the invitation, had to join in Decemberneeding Russia's help in a violent internal crisis.

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From the very start, the member states have had quite different views on the aims of their union, from the minimalist approach of handling a "civilized divorce" as formulated by Ukraine to the ambitious agenda of advancing multidimensional integration. This agenda is outlined in the CIS Charter, adopted in Januaryand hundreds of other documents signed by heads of states and governments. Implementation, however, has been at best haphazard and more often nonexistent.

Russia was expected to be a "natural" leader of this ambivalent grouping, whose members had plenty of shared tragedy in the past but did not fancy much of a common future. Moscow managed to sort out the immediate problems related to the heritage of the USSR, from dividing the external debt and property to distributing quotas on tanks according to the Conventional Forces in Europe CFE Treaty and securing for itself the monopoly on nuclear weapons.

Further leadership became uncertain and centered mostly on maintaining contacts among the political elites through regular summit meetings and supporting networks. It was only in the second half of the s that Moscow showed interest in more ambitious integrative projects seeking to assert its dominance across the post-Soviet space. The top priority was given to building an alliance with Belarus, formatted as a union with a charter and a treaty that set the goal of building a confederal state.

The Belarus leadership pursued its own interests in these "brotherly" ties but showed little interest in wider cooperation, despite hosting the CIS headquarters in Minsk. A particular focus of political networking has been on the regional security developments, first of all in the Caucasus and Central Asia. A key aim of the Russia-led security cooperation was to manage violent conflicts in the CIS area, but the plans for joint peacekeeping forces were never realized, and the organization merely issued mandates for Russian peacekeeping operations in Tajikistan — and Abkhazia ongoing since Besides establishing regular meetings between defense and interior ministers, this framework was moderately successful in facilitating the export of Russian weapons and the education of officers in Russian academies, as well as in building a joint air defense system.

While the Antiterrorist Center has not become an efficient structure, several joint military exercises were held between andand the status of the CST was upgraded in May to the Collective Security Treaty Organization.

December 21 - Commonwealth of Independent States (1991) #history

Priority attention in the CIS has been given to the economy, and it is in this area that the results are particularly unimpressive. The initially proclaimed ambition to establish an economic union was undermined already in by the failure to retain the ruble as the common currency.

commonwealth of independent states map

In the first half of the s, all post-Soviet states were hit by severe economic crises, and none of them showed serious interest in trying to find a common way out. Russia sought to advance its economic influence by signing a customs union with Belarus and Kazakhstan in and expanding it the next year to a free trade zone, which included also Kyrgyzstan and eventually Tajikistan.

At the Chisinau summit OctoberRussia was criticized for hindering the implementation of the CIS agreements by its selective approach. Its ability to provide economic leadership, however, was undermined by the Russian financial meltdown in Augustwhich affected all its partners.

For that matter, all CIS member states engaged in accession negotiations with the World Trade Organization WTO without any coordination or attempts at synchronizing their efforts.

It was only in that Moscow launched a new initiative in this area, convincing Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine to remove most of the barriers for cooperation in the framework of a United Economic Space. This project was a part of Russia's wider efforts to consolidate its leadership in the CIS area by combining closer bilateral ties with a variety of multilateral frameworks.

The foundation for these efforts was created by Russia's strong economic growth, driven primarily by the energy sector, but the core content was shaped by the closer cooperation between post-Soviet regimes that were all backing away from the path of democratic reforms and developing various forms of semi-authoritarianism.

Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS)

The successful uprising against the regime of Eduard Shevardnadze in Georgia in November appeared to be an anomaly in this general trend, but the "orange revolution" in Ukraine in November—December had a devastating effect on Russia's policy.

Moldova's prompt reorientation toward the European Union in February showed that a regime change was not a necessary precondition for abandoning the CIS frameworks. The collapse of the regime of Askar Akaev in Kyrgyzstan in March demonstrated that Russia had no reliable instruments for supporting its allies against internal challenges. Facing this chain of failures and setbacks, Moscow had to reconsider the usefulness and viability of the CIS, even if it continued to insist on its "civilizing mission on the Eurasian continent" as President Vladimir Putin asserted in his April address to the Parliament.

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It appears entirely possible that Moscow could opt for dismantling this umbrella structure and concentrate its efforts on key bilateral relations, first of all with Belarus, and also with Armenia and Kazakhstan. In Central AsiaRussia would then seek to assert its key role in the Central Asian Cooperation Organization which it joined in May and coordinate its policy with China in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization established in June The key issue for the future for these overlapping and inherently unstable structures is Russia's own political trajectory and its commitment to rapprochement with Europe.

Allison, Roy. Oxford, U. Dwan, Renata, and Oleksandr Pavliuk, eds.It does not involve the same level of coordination and cooperation seen across most of the European Union countries, but a certain level of economic and political collaboration between CIS states does exist. Its members are:. Ukraine was de facto participating in the Commonwealth until but was never an official member. Ukraine announced its withdrawal due to the Russian occupation of Crimea. Georgia was also a part of the CIS until Turkmenistan has participated since but has not become a full member.

Participating states have had generally friendly relations with Russia since the fall of the Soviet Union, and you will frequently find Russian speakers in these countries, even those born after In some regions you will find more Russian speakers than speakers of the native language, especially in Belarus and northern Kazakhstan. Non-participating states usually have fewer Russian speakers except for Ukraine and often have a less pro-Russian sentiment.

Those who do still speak some Russian in these states may prefer not to use it.

commonwealth of independent states map

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Views Read Edit View history. Main page Travel destinations Star articles What's Nearby? Tourist office Random page. Wikimedia Commons Wikipedia.Commonwealth of Independent States CISRussian Sodruzhestvo Nezavisimykh Gosudarstvfree association of sovereign states that was formed in by Russia and 11 other republics that were formerly part of the Soviet Union.

The three Slavic republics were subsequently joined by the Central Asian republics of KazakhstanKyrgyzstanTajikistanTurkmenistanand Uzbekistanby the Transcaucasian republics of ArmeniaAzerbaijanand Georgiaand by Moldova. The remaining former Soviet republics— LithuaniaLatviaand Estonia —declined to join the new organization. The CIS formally came into being on December 21,and began operations the following month, with the city of Minsk in Belarus designated as its administrative centre.

In Augustfollowing an escalation of hostilities between Russia and Georgia over the separatist region of South OssetiaGeorgia announced its intention to withdraw from the CIS. The withdrawal was finalized in August By at least 10, people had been killed in clashes between Ukrainian armed forces and Russian-backed paramilitary units in the Donets Basin.

What is the Commonwealth of Independent States?

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The Commonwealth of Independent States as it looked upon its creation in Read More on This Topic. In the aftermath of the dissolution of the Soviet Union, responsibility for public health fell to the governments of the successor countries.

Learn More in these related Britannica articles:. All the former republics eventually joined, except the Baltic republics. Russia still…. Under Yeltsin the Russian army, starved of funds, had lost much….

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Subscribe Now.It is an organization that was formed by nine of the fifteen former Soviet states after the dissolution of the Soviet Union. Ukraine and Turkmenistan are associate members while Georgia withdrew from the organization in The Baltic countries including Lithuania, Estonia, and Latvia are not members by choice. The aim of the organization is to coordinate authority in areas such as trade and security and promoting joint prevention of armed conflict and crime.

The final step signifying the end of the Soviet Union saw 11 of the 15 soviet republics declare that they were forming the CIS. The leaders also announced the new alliance was opened to all former Soviet Union republics and that member states would be independent thereby completely abolishing the Soviet Union.

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On December 21,eight more former Soviet Union republics officially joined the CIS thus bringing the number to Two years later in DecemberGeorgia joined the organization. However, the three Baltic States chose not to participate.

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Although CIS was first formed by three countries that were joined by other nine countries, the organization currently has nine full member states including Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan. Georgia withdrew its membership in when it joined NETO, citing that it could not be part of two military organizations. Turkmenistan and Ukraine are considered associate members as they are yet to ratify the charter.

The two countries therefore take part in CIS on a selective basis. However, as ofthe agreement has been ratified by five countries including Russia, Armenia, Ukraine, Belarus, and Moldova. One of the primary goals of the CIS is to promote the social and economic development of its members, especially the newly independent states by promoting and protecting human rights.

The CIS member states adopted a convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedom on May 26,enforcing their commitment to the protection of human rights. The council develops proposals aimed at preventing armed conflict within the territory of the member countries. Other activities include election monitoring and promotion of sports within the region. By John Misachi on August 1 in Society.

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America C. Search for City:. WTZ Travel. Sun Clock. Regional Time Zones Maps. Sections Time Maps.It was formed following the dissolution of the Soviet Union in The CIS encourages cooperation in economic, political and military affairs and has certain powers relating to the coordination of trade, finance, lawmaking, and security. It has also promoted cooperation on cross-border crime prevention. A few days later the Alma-Ata Protocol was signed, which declared that the Soviet Union was dissolved and that the Russian Federation was to be its successor state.

The Baltic states EstoniaLatvia and Lithuaniawhich regard their membership in the Soviet Union as an illegal occupation, chose not to participate. Georgia withdrew its membership in Ukraine ended its participation in CIS statutory bodies on 19 May Three organisations are under the overview of the CIS [ citation needed ]namely the Collective Security Treaty Organizationthe Eurasian Economic Union alongside subdivisions, the Eurasian Customs Union and the Eurasian Economic Spacewhich comprises territory inhabited by over million people ; and the Union State.

While the first and the second are military and economic alliances, the third aims to reach a supranational union of Russia and Belarus with a common government, flag, currency and so on. Several international organisations, human rights groups and outside observers have criticised the CIS and its member states for its repressive human rights abuses, limited civil rights and indefinite imprisonment or execution of political figures and dissidents.

In MarchMikhail Gorbachevthe president of the Soviet Unionproposed a federation by holding a referendum to preserve the Union as the Union of Sovereign States.

The new treaty signing never happened as the Communist Party hardliners staged an attempted coup in August that year. Following the events of August's failed coup, the republics of the USSR had declared their independence fearing another coup. The CIS announced that the new organization would be open to all republics of the former Soviet Union, and to other nations sharing the same goals.

commonwealth of independent states map

The CIS charter stated that all the members were sovereign and independent nations and thereby effectively abolished the Soviet Union. On 21 Decemberthe leaders of eight additional former Soviet Republics ArmeniaAzerbaijanKazakhstanKyrgyzstanMoldovaTurkmenistanTajikistan and Uzbekistan signed the Alma-Ata Protocol which can either be interpreted as expanding the CIS to these states or the proper foundation or refoundation date of the CIS, [8] thus bringing the number of participating countries to The three Baltic states did not, reflecting their governments' and people's view that the post Soviet occupation of their territory was illegitimate.

After the end of the dissolution process of the Soviet Union, Russia and the Central Asian republics were weakened economically and faced declines in GDP. Post-Soviet states underwent economic reforms and privatisation.

The Charter also defined that all countries having ratified the Agreement on the Establishment of the CIS and its relevant Alma-Ata Protocol would be considered to be founding states of the CIS, as well as that only countries ratifying the Charter would be considered to be member states of the CIS art. Other states can participate as associate members or observers, if accepted as such by a decision of the Council of Heads of State to the CIS art.

All the founding states, apart from Ukraine and Turkmenistan, ratified the Charter of the CIS and became member states of it. Nevertheless, Ukraine and Turkmenistan kept participating in the CIS, without being member states of it. Georgia left the CIS altogether in and Ukraine stopped participating in The CIS and Soviet Union also legally co-existed briefly with each other until 26 Decemberwhen Soviet President Gorbachev stepped down, officially The CIS announced that the new organization would be open to all republics of the former Soviet Union, and to other nations sharing the same goals.

During a speech at Moscow State University inthe President of KazakhstanNursultan Nazarbayevsuggested the idea of creating a "common defense" space within the CIS [13] [14] [15] [16] Nazarbayev idea was quickly seen as a way to bolster trade, boost investments in the region, and serve as a counterweight to the West and East Asia.

Between andthree CIS member states experienced a change of government in a series of colour revolutions : During a speech at Moscow State University inthe President of KazakhstanNursultan Nazarbayevsuggested the idea of creating a "common defense" space within the CIS [13] [14] [15] [16] Nazarbayev idea was quickly seen as a way to bolster trade, boost investments in the region, and serve as a counterweight to the West and East Asia.

Between andthree CIS member states experienced a change of government in a series of colour revolutions : Eduard Shevardnadze was overthrown in Georgia; Viktor Yushchenko was elected in Ukraine; and Askar Akayev was toppled in Kyrgyzstan. In FebruaryGeorgia withdrew from the Council of Defense Ministers, with the statement that "Georgia has taken a course to join NATO and it cannot be part of two military structures simultaneously", [18] [19] but it remained a full member of the CIS until Augustone year after officially withdrawing in the immediate aftermath of the Russo-Georgian War.

In MarchIgor Ivanovthe secretary of the Russian Security Council, expressed his doubts concerning the usefulness of the CIS, emphasising that the Eurasian Economic Community was becoming a more competent organisation to unify the largest countries of the CIS. The Council of Foreign Ministers met in DushanbeTajikistan on 11 April to discuss the war in Iraq and consider a draft program for the fight against terrorism and extremism, with the particularly the need for an international role in post-war Iraq, was further addressed at the May summit in St.

There are nine full member states of the Commonwealth of Independent States.

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Turkmenistan has not ratified the Charter and therefore is not formally a member of the CIS. Nevertheless, it has consistently participated in the CIS as if it were a member state. Turkmenistan changed its CIS standing to associate member as of 26 August in order to be consistent with its UN-recognised international neutrality status.

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