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The first phase of the Death Stranding embargo has passed, reviews are out and we have some measure of the gamebut the announcement of a PC version coming in the summer of has left us somewhat baffled. For starters, there's the timing - the news was announced prior to the release of the PlayStation 4 game, which makes little sense. Then there's the fact that Games will be publishing, while the extent of its participation in the project remains unknown.

But dwarfing that is the fact that Death Stranding is effectively a collaboration between Kojima Productions and Guerrilla Games - meaning that around 70 first-party Sony staff are contributing to a PC release, one way or another.

Not only that, but the basic existence of a PC port means that Guerrilla's Decima Engine is breaking free from the bounds of PlayStation hardware, which may present some challenges bearing in mind how closely wedded its architectural make-up is to PlayStation hardware.

A specific case in point concerns the 30 frames per second frame-rate. There's a reason why Guerrilla never released an unlocked frame-rate mode for Horizon Zero Dawn on PlayStation 4 Pro: fundamentally, the engine is designed to operate at 30Hz - CPU resources in particular are designed to offer as smooth a 30fps experience as possible, to the point where spare CPU cycles are allocated to predictive world streaming. It's one of the reasons why a Decima open world doesn't have the hitching and stutter many other games have, but it's also a system that would likely need to be unpicked for a PC port.

Then there's the whole question of how much efficiency may be lost in porting the graphics side of the project away from the PlayStation platform.

Terrifically optimised shaders should remain optimal on any modern PC GPU, but Guerrilla's code is designed to exploit the PS4 family of consoles specifically - and it'll be fascinating to see the extent to which bespoke optimisation for, say, PS4's asynchronous compute functions transfers across to PC.

All of which makes us wonder which graphics API the port will use. Historically, Guerrilla has run a PC version of its engine for internal use only under OpenGL - but Vulkan would be the more logical choice, and certainly a closer match to PS4 development than DirectX A lot of the speculation surrounding the PC port rests on a brace of unknown variables: specifically, who is developing it, and how long has it been a part of the plan?

If it's Kojima Productions itself at the helm, with a PC port always in the thoughts of the developer, we can assume that the team's collaboration with Guerrilla may encompass the conversion - in which case, we should be in pretty good shape. In a more concerning scenario at the very opposite, Death Stranding PC is latter-day addition that ends up being farmed out to an external developer.

death stranding ps5 enhanced

At this point, the process of porting across a game and an engine explicitly designed for consoles suddenly takes on a whole new dimension in terms of the scale of the challenge.

Looking at things more positively, we should consider that while the Decima Engine that powers Death Stranding has much in common with the technological foundation of Horizon Zero Dawn, it has also been subject to many enhancements character realism and water rendering to name just two and there's a strong possibility that many of the behind-the-scenes improvements were designed as much for Horizon 2 as they are for Death Stranding.

And this raises the question of what Horizon 2 is and what platforms it may release on. And of course, a PS5 port of Death Stranding itself may well be part of the original plan too - though the notion of a preview of sorts being available for PC users months ahead of the new console's launch doesn't sound like a good thing from Sony's perspective.

So realistically, what should we expect from the PC version of the game? This can be split into 'stuff likely to happen' and 'stuff we'd really like to happen'. On the former point, the PC version of Red Dead Redemption 2 demonstrates that some aspects are relatively simple to scale up - volumetric resolution, shadow quality and draw distance are areas where we'd expect the developers to have easy access at the engine level.

In terms of upgrades we'd like to see, improvements to screen-space quality reflections would be welcome in addition to the above, but what would really be special would be the introduction of hardware-accelerated ray tracing support.

death stranding ps5 enhanced

The Digital Foundry tech review of Death Stranding. We've much more to say about the game later this week, closer to launch. With all of that said, there is the very real possibility that we're projecting too much of our own optimism into the technical make-up of the Death Stranding PC port. The 'early summer' release date is months ahead of the arrival of PlayStation 5 - and it may well be the case that if a PS5 version is in development, Sony may wish for big, engine-level enhancements from Guerrilla Games to be held back for the new console.

We do expect to see a lot of PS5 ports or cross-gen patches for the new console, and the inclusion of Death Stranding seems like a no-brainer.Menu Menu. Log in. Top Bottom. Video Games Hangouts. EtcetEra Hangouts. Hide Images. Dark Theme. Light Theme. Gaming Forum. Gaming Hangouts. EtcetEra Forum. Trending Threads. Latest Threads. Open new ticket Watched. We're introducing a new recurring Thread of the Month contest to ring in the new year!

Nominations are open all month. Thread starter Liabe Brave Start date Nov 9, Forums Discussion Gaming Forum. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Prev 1 … Go to page. Go to page. First Prev 38 of 70 Go to page. Sorel Member.During the event, when the logo of Rockstar Games flashed on the screen, fans were taken aback and wondered what it could be. Take a look at the announcement trailer here:.

Grand Theft Auto 5 is coming to PS5 as an expanded and enhanced version in While that is all we know about it, Rockstar will surely reveal more in the days to come. The most surprising thing is that this Rockstar Games title is going strength to strength from PS3 to the next-gen PS5.

Note that PS Plus is required to play it. It will be deposited straight to their in-game Maze Bank account under 72 hours of log in. All the games that were shown included various art styles, gameplay, stories and genres with one thing common in all of them — they looked absolutely stunning.

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The future of gaming is surely here. If you want to know about all the announcements that happened during this amazing PS5 event, head to our list of every PS5 game launch. For more latest news and updates, stay with GamerTweak. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our Website. GTA Online News. By Nikita Last updated Jun 11, Release Date:. Kojima Productions. Sony Interactive Entertainment. To play this game on PS5, your system may need to be updated to the latest system software.

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Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment. Item replacement option not available. See Additional Terms. Your browser does not support HTML5 video. Game Features. Reconnect a Fractured Society Tomorrow is in Your Hands After the collapse of civilization, Sam Bridges must journey across a ravaged landscape crawling with otherworldly threats to save mankind from the brink of extinction.Kojima's first non-Konami title won over both critics and gamersthanks to its unique gameplay, story, acting and soundtrack.

Released in NovemberDeath Stranding has seen almost overwhelming praise by both critics and gamers. Death Stranding was also possibly one of the most talked-about games in a decade, thanks to Kojima's cryptic pre-release details, as well as its innovative gameplay and unique story. In Death StrandingKojima created an entirely new gaming genre that he dubbed the " social strand system.

It's no surprise that Death Stranding left gamers wanting more. There are still a lot of unanswered questions about the world that Kojima created in Death Stranding : this is a game begging for a sequel.

Death Stranding almost feels like an experimental first step for something more. Of course, that now brings up the question: will there actually be a sequel? Although Kojima has not officially announced Death Stranding 2, he has teased that it could happen eventually. Although Kojima hasn't spoken a lot about a potential sequel, he has dropped hints as to what a second game in the franchise might entail.

death stranding ps5 enhanced

Here's everything we know about Death Stranding 2. When Kojima first expressed interest in making a sequel to Death Strandinghe stated that a new title would need to "start from zero. With each Metal Gear Solid title, Kojima consistently added in new gameplay elements, features, and ideas. This is necessary with the bold and ambitious games Kojima likes to create, so it makes sense tha t Death Stranding 2 would build upon things players saw in Death Stranding. Kojima will likely take the theme of connection he established in Death Stranding and create an entirely new storyline with new characters and locations for a sequel.

So although it would be a sequel, it would also be a separate entity in the franchise. In Death StrandingKojima developed an entirely new genre of video game: the social strand system.

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It's unlike anything any other developers have done and probably not something they'll immediately want to jump into developing. Kojima has pointed out that if he wants the genre to continue, he will likely have to be the one to keep making games using it. This means a potential sequel to the game that started it all: Death Stranding. In an interview with GameSpotKojima explained how he wants the social strand genre to become a permanent one in gaming, which could mean expanding that genre in a Death Stranding sequel.

Kojima said:. But the most difficult part is: when you create something new, you have to create a sequel and then a third version, or it would not remain as a genre. So that's one difficult part.

Kojima Productions celebrates fifth anniversary, but didn’t announce Death Stranding for PS5

When this game comes out there will be a lot of pros and cons, and [these elements could become the essence of the core part], but I think it's better that I keep it going in a sequel. Kojima and Sony have always had a special relationship: most of his games have been PlayStation exclusives. No one was surprised when Kojima announced that Death Stranding would be a console-exclusive game on the PS4. If and when Kojima announces an official sequel, expect it to be a console exclusive for the PS5.

Considering that Sony seems to be losing some of its other exclusive developers, the company will probably bend over backward to keep their relationship with Kojima intact: Death Stranding 2 as an exclusive could undoubtedly convince gamers to adopt the PS5.

However, that's not to say that a sequel won't appear on PC, considering that Death Stranding is expected to release on PC later this year.

death stranding ps5 enhanced

But it's a safe bet to assume that Death Stranding and Death Stranding 2 will never release for an Xbox console.

The development cycle for Death Stranding was a long one. InKojima announced his new production company was working with Sony on a game, presumably Death Stranding.

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Death Stranding Reportedly Gave Sony ‘Record-Breaking Sales’

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Question Death Stranding on PS5 self. Since Days Gone gets a patch for Ps5 enabling 60fps and more, what do you think are the chances Death Stranding gets the same treatment at launch?

This game was great, and the themes of isolation and connection are super relevant right now. Anyone who has been sleeping on this should give it a shot. It's not everyone's cup of tea though.

I think you need patience. I struggled in the opening 10 hours or so but then I felt the game opened up esp with the items you could gain. What I found amazing and unexpected was the sense of satisfaction when traversing to deliver a package. Explain it to someone and they will laugh and say 'mate, you telling me you just walked over some hills like a postman in the wild, lol' - but somehow doing just that was super immersive. It's one of the few games I've played that's so immersive because it requires total concentration to even do the most basic tasks like walking over a hill.

They are being coy for a reason. The game had a very definitive ending. Convoluted, sure, but every character arc was wrapped up.

Sam could go on some more adventures, sure, but compared to what he just went through they would be very low stakes and uninteresting. Perhaps Kojima could think of something meaningful to do with Sam in an epilogue, but seeing as how he's already stated he's working on another new project and the fact DS had a perfectly fine and conclusive ending I don't see why he would bother.

Having an epilogue can be patched in or sold as a DLC. Gravity Rush 2 had a great free dlc as an epilogue but I feel like they need to be more transparent with patches, specially of Sony funded games. Various facebook groups and a few supposed insider people on Twitter way back when the game was new.

Take it with a huge grain of salt. This is an old thread but the game has a very complete ending. An epilogue would make no sense, every character arc was wrapped up.Microsoft is being aggressive with Xbox Game Pass, a subscription service that gives Xbox console owners instant access to over games. While Sony doesn't really have an Xbox Game Pass equivalent, it has introduced a new PlayStation Plus program with the PS5 that greatly increases the value of the service.

Along with the typical benefits of being a PS Plus subscriber, the PlayStation Plus Collection lets fans download some of the biggest and best games ever released for the PS4. This includes many high-quality PS4 exclusives and even some of the more significant third-party releases. And while the PlayStation Plus Collection is off to a great start, there are quite a few games that could make it even better.

At this point, it's unclear if Sony plans on cycling games in and out of the PlayStation Plus Collection like Microsoft does with Game Pass, or if it's just going to add games to the service and never take them away. Whatever the case may be, here are 10 games that would make great additions to the PlayStation Plus Collection on PS5.

Final Fantasy 15 is currently available through the PlayStation Plus Collection, so Square Enix is clearly open to the idea of its games being on the service. Ghost of Tsushima being such a new release is likely the main reason why the game isn't part of the PlayStation Plus Collection on PS5 right out of the gate, but maybe that will change in the months ahead.

Gran Turismo 7 on PS5 is set to launch at some point inbut racing fans may need something to tide them over between now and then. Gravity Rush 2 was praised by critics at the time of its release for taking what made the original popular and increasing the scale dramatically. Gravity Rush 2 expanded on the original game's gravity-bending gameplay mechanics, allowing for unique exploration and combat situations not found in many other games.

Bluepoint has made a name for itself as one of the best studios when it comes to remastering and remaking games, having done so in the past with a number of other PlayStation titles. Shadow of the Colossus has been given away as a free PS Plus game in the past, but for those that missed out on the opportunity, it would be nice to see it added to the PS Plus Collection on PS5 as well. Dalton Cooper is an editor for Game Rant who has been writing about video games professionally since Having written thousands of game reviews and articles over the course of his career, Dalton considers himself a video game historian and strives to play as many games as possible.

Dalton covers the latest breaking news for Game Rant, as well as writes reviews, guide content, and more. By Dalton Cooper Nov 18, Share Share Tweet Email 0. Dalton Cooper Articles Published Dalton Cooper is an editor for Game Rant who has been writing about video games professionally since

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