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Visiting Jiufen and Shifen is a must during any visit to Taipei. This guide will help you with getting to Jiufen and Shifen, plus some other nearby areas and attractions that are worth checking out during your visit to this beautiful area. There are two buses from Taipei to pick from. The coach bus leaves from by Beimen station and takes about 1 hour 30 minutes to get to Jiufen. The bus, leaves from Zhongxiao Fuxing Station and takes about 1 hour to arrive in Jiufen.

From there you can walk to the old street. If you wish to take a taxi, get off the train at Ruifang Train Station and exit the train station. If you require a wheelchair accessible taxi, you may wish to book this in advance or ask for help in the Ruifang Station Tourist Information Center. Although Jiufen itself has limited accessibility due to the age of the town, Shifen is a bit more accessible but once again, it is quite an old town so accessibility is limited.

To get to Shifen, you can take either the bus, or bus to Ruifang Station, and then walk to Ruifang Train Station. Once at the train station, catch the train towards Jingtong, disembarking at Shifen Station. Shifen Station brings you outright bang in the heart of Shifen Old Town.

If you still have time, I also recommend doing the 20 to minute walk or taking a taxi to Shifen Falls — a beautiful waterfall along the Keelung River. If you love cats I highly recommend also stopping off at the Houtong Cat Mining Village, which is located Jiufen and Shifen and accessible by train.

For instructions on how to get there, check out my Houtong Cat Mining Village guide. If you wish to stay within the Jiufen or Shifen area, you may also have time to visit the Wanggu Waterfall or Lingjiao Waterfall. Lingjiao Waterfall is also accessible via the Extend Shiefn bus, or you can take the train that goes towards Jingtong, one-stop, from Wanggu station.

After visiting the waterfall you could continue onto Lingyan Temple, which is a temple located further into the mountains.

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To get there, you can either walk about 2km along the road up to the temple or take a taxi to the car park by the temple.

You could also visit Pingxi old street, which is accessible by train from Shifen.Jiufen Old Street is a diverse day and night market on the northern coast of Taiwan.

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Since then it has blossomed into an abundant street market whilst retaining its original architectural structure and charm. Street food is aplenty at the Jiufen market. For something sweet, try the infamous Taiwanese ice cream spring roll, the coffee nougat biscuit or the ice cream puff.

A good idea is also to follow it up with a tea from one of the popular tea houses in. All of this you can eat on the spot or enjoy while you continue walking through through the market.

A unique characteristic of Jiufen Old Street is the quaint teahouses spread throughout the market. It is often used in Taiwan travel brochures and has served as the background for many-a Instagram photos.

A-Mei Tea House offers a variety of delicious homemade tea, dessert and snack options. It has long been speculated that Jiufen served as the inspiration for the town featured in the highest-grossing animation film, Spirited Away. The TRA will take you most of the journey and require a bus for the final leg up the mountain.

From there catch either the or route buses for the remaining journey to Jiufen Old Street. Getting to Jiufen Old Street by bus takes approximately 90 minutes from Taipei.

Luckily the journey is as scenic as Jiufen itself making it a popular method for travellers. Street food Street food is aplenty at the Jiufen market. Teahouses A unique characteristic of Jiufen Old Street is the quaint teahouses spread throughout the market. Spirited Away It has long been speculated that Jiufen served as the inspiration for the town featured in the highest-grossing animation film, Spirited Away. How To Get There. Things To Know. Related Posts. Old shopping streets, venerable temples, and museums in heritage buildings.

fare from jiufen old street to taipei

A National Historical Site and cultural must-see of Taipei.Dear reader: This article contains links to products and services that I may be compensated for, at no extra cost to you. Jiufen Jioufena mountaintop former gold mining town on the northeast coast of Taiwanis one of the most popular day trips from Taipei. Visitors flock to Jiufen Old Street because it encapsulates the best of Taiwan in one small package: rich history, atmospheric lanes and teahouses, breathtaking views, and distinctly Taiwanese snacks at every turn.

I highly recommended these deals! The myth has been propagated by so many bloggers, writers, and businesses, however, that Jiufen and Spirited Away are now tied, despite the falsity of these claims.

Read my guide to Beitou Hot Springs in Taipei to find out where it is! Gold was discovered in the area in the s, resulting in a gold rush, and Jiufen developed as a gold boomtown. Jiufen reached its peak during the Japanese colonial occupation of Taiwan Many Japanese inns from that era survive today. Nearby Jinguashi suffered the same fate as Jiufen, and today is the site of the Gold Ecological Parkcommonly visited in combination with Jiufen.

fare from jiufen old street to taipei

This initiated a domestic and later international tourism boom that saw the city redevelop into the tourism center that it is today. Jiufen only seems to get more and more popular every year. It has been promoted heavily in Japan, Taiwanese people love going there on the weekend, and it is one of the top day trips from Taipei for international tourists.

How to get to Jiufen Old Street from Taipei

If you are interested in Japanese-era architecture in Taiwan, you can find information about other Japanese buildings in Taiwan in my guides to the best temples in Taipeihistoric Dadaocheng neighborhood and Dihua Street in Taipeiand places to visit in Taichung. Spots are in nearby Jinguashi, a minute ride past Jiufen by bus.

You only need about 2 hours to cover the Jiufen attractions, including stopping for food and tea, but you can easily double that if you add Jinguashi. The old street begins beside the 7-Eleven near the Jiufen Old Street bus stop, and meanders uphill, which numerous lanes and staircases branching off from it. You could walk all the way up to the top of the village and back down in about 30 minutes, but most people spend a couple hours here, including some shopping, photo taking, snacks, and stopping somewhere for lunch or tea.

The old street is very touristy but still has a lot of charm. After that, the road leads to a collection of hillside houses that has a more local feel, where a temple, several guesthouses, and a very traditional teahouse are located.

You can find lots of Spirited Away souvenirs on the staircase leading up or down to it.

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This beautiful wooden building once housed the only blacksmith in Jiufen, and it has been beautifully preserved and maintained. If you come during the day or early evening especially on weekendsthe line to enter may be really, really long. Therefore, it is very smart to pre-order your tea set online minimum 1 day in advance. I went quite early when I visited around 9 a. For the tea set, you only need to choose between hot or iced tea. Each set comes with four little treats: brown sugar mochigreen bean cake, sesame crackers, and sweet plums.

The tea is served in the traditional kung-fu style, and the waiter gave me a thorough demonstration on how to do it and speaks perfect English.

You have to enter through a stone tunnel from the street that miners once used to get to the Jiufen mine, which is pretty surreal! You are more likely to get a seat with a view here than at Amei or any seat at all. Further up the Jiufen Old Street from the staircase down to Amei, there is a section with several quieter teahouses that all have great views.

fare from jiufen old street to taipei

It was built with Taiwanese cypress hinoki in the imitation Baroque style popular in Japan at the time. Inside, you can see old movie posters, a well-preserved concession stand, and an old movie projector. The square in front of the theater was once a bustling social center and marketplace in Jiufen. Visitors to Japan love renting kimonos and yukatas for their visit; now the thing to do in Taiwan is to rent a traditional Chinese qipao sometimes spelled chipao in Taiwan to stroll around and take photos.One of the items I really wanted check off from Taipei is visiting Jiufen.

Jiufen is a small village in the mountains located an hour drive from Taipei. Full disclosure: Many sources have claimed Jiufen is the village that inspired Spirited Away, but it was never actually confirmed whether it indeed has a connection to the movie.

In fact, Miyazaki has flat out denied it. I have always been a huge fan of Miyazaki, so in the midst of my Taiwanese food marathonI took a break and made my way to Jiufen! From Taipei, Jiufen can be easily reached by a multitude of options: public transport, shuttle bus or by taxi. In the end, the cost per person is not that much more compared to the bus and you get there faster. Just make sure your driver actually knows where they are going — we got taken to Keelung instead.

Although, our driver was very nice about it and drove us to the right place without charging extra. Booking a Private Car is the best and most cost effective way to go if you are travelling in a group and want to have a driver that can wait for you and your group for the entire day.

You can also ask them to stop at any locations along the way they have suggested itinerary you can follow too! Book a Private Car here. Taking public transportation will take 1. Check the bus timetable here and note the last departure. Alternatively, you can book a shuttle bus tour which will take you to other places — Shifen waterfall and Shifen Old Street. But if you are keen on visiting Yehliu, you can consider this tour: Yehliu, Jiufen, and Shifen Day Tour click this link to book.

These are both great options to save time if you want to see more outside of Taipei. Jiufen Old Street itself is quite small and can be explored in under 2 hours, so definitely check out other places too if you have the time!

If you want to take a taxi back, fret not — there will be plenty of taxis waiting to take you back to Taipei. If you are planning to take the bus though, make sure to check the bus timetable here and note the last departure time so you are not stranded in Jiufen. The Jiufen Old Street is a narrow alleyway lined up with small food stalls, tea houses, souvenir shops, and pottery stores.

But just go with the flow and explore any shops that catch your eyes. The most picturesque one that you is in all photos depicting Jiufen is A-Mei Teahouse.The Old Street has been known for its traditional architecture and nostalgic scenery, which have attracted lots of visitors from around the world. Many buildings on the sides of the Old Street were built during the Japanese era, and some are built in traditional Chinese style.

Today the Old Street is even better known for its similarity to the fictional town depicted in the Japanese animated film Spirited Away. The stairways, houses, lanterns, and many other features of the Old Street all somewhat visually appear like out from the town in the film.

For this reason, many Japanese and the fans of the film from other countries are attracted to Jiufen. There are even souvenir stores sell stuffs based on the film.

This method can still save you much time compared to taking a bus from Taipei, because trains travel faster, and waiting in the queue for the Jiufen bus in Taipei usually takes a long time.

In general, taking a train then a bus will take 45 to 75 minutes depends on the type of train in total, while directly taking a bus will take at least 80 minutes, plus a long queuing time. If you are far from Taipei Main Station, you can go to a train station near you, it can be Banqiao, Wanhua, Songshan, or Nangang station. Depends on the type you choose, it costs 49, 59, or 76 NTD respectively and the journey takes minutes assuming you start from Taipei Main Station.

The price and time spent will be slightly different if you start from other stations. There are two ways to pay for the train rides, buying a ticket or using an EasyCard a kind of smartcard that can be used to pay for the tickets of trains, metro, and buses in Taiwan, and can also be used in convenience stores and supermarkets.

With an EasyCard you only need to swipe it when you enter and exit the train stations. Once you entered Taipei Main Station, head to the Platform 4, from where all the northbound trains depart. The trains come every minutes, the last departure is at pm.

You can check their schedule on the Taiwan Railway website. Get on the train and when it has been minutes or so from departure, remember to check the electronic board above the train door to see if you arrived at Ruifang Station, alternatively you can use Google Maps on your phone with location service enabled to see if you are approaching the destination Ruifang.

After arrived in Ruifang, you need to take a bus to Jiufen, which takes about minutes. The bus stop is not the one right outside the train station, that one is for bus to Taipei, to find the bus to Jiufen you need to take a 3-minute walk: once you get out of the Ruifang train station, you will see a public square in front of the station, and over the square is a road called Mingdeng Road, on which you can see a Wellcome supermarket facing you.

The easiest route to Jiufen from Taipei, Taiwan

You can take the bus, orto get to Jiufen. After you get off, walk on the road uphill for about 80 meters, you will be at the entrance to the Jiufen Old Street, which is next to a 7-Eleven store.

Then you can start to explore the Old Street! This option seems more convenient, but takes significantly more time, and more expensive.

fare from jiufen old street to taipei

There are two choices for bus to Jiufen from Taipei: and Usually the queue of people waiting for the bus to Jiufen is very long, as too many people visit Jiufen and everyone will have a seat, you have to wait for one, two or more buses to pass before your turn to get on, so you might have to wait for minutes for the bus, given that the buses come every 15 minutes or so. One way to avoid the long line of people is to get there in the early morning before am, or it will be better for you to take a train instead.

The details of timetable and route map of bus can be found at here on the website of Taiwan Bus. The buses depart every 30 minutes, it takes 1 hour 50 minutes to get to Jiufen from the first stop, and 1 hour 15 minutes from the stop in Beimen, the bus ride costs 90 NTD no matters which stop in Taipei you get on. A popular place to hire taxi to Jiufen is in Zhongxiao Fuxing, the area around the bus stop of busbecause some people trying to get to Jiufen by bus will give up waiting in the line for that long time.

You can take the same bus and train to get back to Taipei, just be aware that the bus stops for returning to Taipei is in slightly different locations. You can take or all the way back to Taipei. Skip to content.Last Updated on November 27, by queenie mak. While Jiufen used to be a gold mining town, the charming town is a tourist hotspot today.

Whether you spend a few days in Taipei or a few weeks in Taiwanmake sure you get out of the capital city and explore the rural side of Taiwan. Before you go to Jiufen, take a look at my post on learning all my best tips for travelling to Taiwan.

I included a lot of information, including getting a Taiwan prepaid SIM cardtransportation around the country, and more. Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. If you buy something through them, I will receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.

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Thank you for supporting this website. For more information, please read our disclosure for more info. No matter which public transportation you choose, you will pass through Ruifang Station. There are several ways going to Jiufen from Taipei. Besides calling an Uberwhich is a viable but more expensive option, there are two ways of getting to Jiufen by public transportation. The easiest and most direct way is to take a public bus from Taipei to Jiufen.

Perhaps the easiest way getting to Jiufen from Taipei is to take a direct bus from Taipei city centre to Jiufen. Taking a direct form of transportation can take out all the headaches of figuring out where to transfer, bus schedule, etc. Bus goes from Taipei via the National Freeway No. See map below. The bus journey takes about 60 minutes or so as it stops at various places, including TRA Ruifang Station. See the map below for Jiufen Old Street bus stop location.

Once you are in Maps, you can see the pinned location, and you can use Maps to navigate your way around to the pinned position. Either card can be purchased at any MRT station or convenience store. You can recharge any amount you want. Using a smartcard will save time from purchasing individual tickets.

Also, it will save you money as the fare is discounted when you use EasyCard or iPass. There is another direct bus from Taipei to Jiufen. The route is similar to busbut there is less bus on this route.

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The bus stop is near the subway entrance on Tacheng Street. See the map below. If you take this route, you will have to first take a train to Ruifang then a public bus to Jiufen.

See photo above. The bus stop for Jiufen is at District Squarewhich is a few blocks east of the train station on the same road, Section 3, Mingdeng Road. Once you are at the bus stop pictured abovewait for bus, these three buses go to Jiufen or these two buses go to Jiufen and Jinguashi.Feel spirited away in this decommissioned gold mining mountain town, originally built by the Japanese and now a maze of lanes and alleyways with rich history and culture.

Founded during the Qing Dynasty, this small town was a relatively isolated village until the discovery of gold during the Japanese occupation inquickly developing the town due to a gold rush. Many buildings in the town remain unchanged to this day, reflecting the Japanese influence on both architecture and culture on the island.

During World War II, the town housed a Japanese prisoner of war camp where captured Allied Force soldiers mainly British were forced to work in the gold mines. After the war, gold mining activities declined, and the town today exists mainly as a tourist destination remembering and celebrating Taiwanese history and culture.

From the beginning of the s, Jiufen experienced a tourist boom that has shaped the town into an attraction easily accessible from Taipei City as a nice day trip around 2 hours away roundtrip by public transit. The three roads running perpendicular to Shuqi Road Jishan St. Besides the main roads, there are numerous small alleys and lanes that snake around the area and sometimes even run beneath buildings.

Explore Jiufen and the surrounding mountain area as part of a tour inclusive of transportation with an English-speaking guide to enjoy your day without having to worry about taking public transportation in and out of Taipei City.

Since there are a limited amount of guesthouses and hotels in Jiufen and it is one of Taiwan's more popular destinations, early reservation is recommended. After exiting the station and facing the Wellcome supermarket, take a left and walk metres down Mingdeng Road. Please note that the bus stop next to the police station heads east toward Jiufen, and the bus stop across from the police station heads west toward Taipei.

Route provides weekend service only. Be sure to get a good seat to enjoy scenic views of Northern Taiwan. Bus is also available from Keelung. To get to Keelung from Jiufen, simply take any city bus bound for Keelung. The bus will arrive at Keelung train station right next to the harbour and night market. Some nice activities in Jiufen include hiking on Mt. The unique architecture of Jiufen's downtown area bears resemblance to the Japanese animated film Spirited Away.

Both the theatre and surrounding buildings feature s architectural elements, and has more recently been used as the set for commercials and movies, including City of Sadness. The museum also offers classes for visitors to make a kite of their own, and is open on weekends.

The Jiufen Torch Festival began when Jiufen was struck by a plague and locals prayed to bring fortune to the town. Every July, residents raise red torch lanterns that join with white street lanterns to create what appears to be a large golden dragon snaking through the alleyways of the town, creating an incredible scene and continuing ancient customs.

The town of Ruifang is a great place to begin your adventure in scenic Northern Taiwan. Skip to main content. Why Should I Go?

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How to Get There? What Else?

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