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Follow Us. Pre-K Games, Videos and Worksheets Pre-K math is often the first time many children are introduced to basic skills such as counting and shape recognition. The best way to help children begin to learn these math skills is to incorporate them into their everyday activities and their general play. This includes watching videos, playing computer games, and singing songs related to math.

Math Game Time offers a wide selection of free and fun games designed to help children build their basic counting and shape recognition skills. Children will sing along with our fun counting videos and laugh along with some of their favorite characters as they count together. These free Pre-Kindergarten math games and worksheets will also help kids build their basic skills in a way that seems more like play than work.

Cake Topping. Daisy Petals. Easter Egg Designer. Floating Numbers. Jigsaw Puzzle. Jumping Chicks - Counting Game. Koala Karts - Counting Game. Santa's Sleigh.

Tic Tac Toe. Whack a Difference. Telling Time on a Clock - Video.

prek games online free

Days of the Week Song - Video. Months of the Year Song - Video. Shapes Video - Mister Maker. Square Video - Hip to be Square. Heavy and Light Video - Sesame Street.Kindergarten Games. Counting Pizza Party. Your kid can practice counting and number sense by making pizzas. Blending Sounds Spelling. Kids build blending and spelling skills to help get the gang to school in time.

Preschool Games

Sight Words Hopper. Cuz-Cuz needs your help! Guide him through the mud by identifying sight words in this colorful, interactive game with audio support for early readers. Play now! Kids sort 2D and 3D shapes in this engaging geometry game.

prek games online free

Counting in the Kitchen. Your kid will identify quantities as fast as possible to serve hungry customers. In this letter recognition game, kids quickly pop alphabet balloons. Long and Short Vowel Sort. Time to shop! Kids must sort short and long vowel words at the toy store. Letter Sounds Match-Up. Help this little robot make new friends -- literally -- in this game that works on beginning sounds. Summertime Spot the Shapes. Your students will hunt for shapes in this chaotic summer swimming pool scene.Childhood is not always about sweet memories.

However, in this game, childhood is all about being oppressed, beaten, and victimized. If you remember the first part of the franchise, you have to recall the ending: the main protagonist escaped from a horrifying kindergarten and now he is free!

However, his parents decided to place him into another institution for preschoolers. This time, everybody is expecting a nice and quiet time spent with peers and kind teachers. So get ready for new crazy and violent stories to show up! Welcome to the second part of Kindergarten. Here you will find a deal of new features, achievements, prizes, locations, and most important — amazing puzzles to solve.

Unlike the first part, this one uses a back-bone for the plot. You appear in the ever-repeating day that plays itself over and over again with no difference from the previous one. Everything is repeating. You behave as you always do, because nobody else can notice the weird thing. You assist your classmates with the tasks and even help a girl to find a new boyfriend.

The bullies are chasing you and the teachers are beating children again. By the way, in this part of the game you can even join these funny torturing.

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While small missions and puzzles are something you have to complete, the main task is to get closer to the truth and find the way to break this nasty spell that brings you back in time every morning. Do your best and escape from this strange place if you can! Try to stay alive. More games. Dark but funny — this is how we would describe Kindergarten 2. This is a game made in a retro-style. The pixel graphics Kindergarten 2 Unblocked 3.

A mad and funny indie puzzle Kindergarten is a title you really want to play. Kindergarten 4 3. Another strange kindergarten is waiting for poor little kids. The first part of the game took part in an incredibly Kindergarten 3 3.

Finally, you have escaped that previous school! The one that was more like a room of pain and torture. Welcome to a newPreschool Games.

Pre K Games

Counting Pizza Party. Your kid can practice counting and number sense by making pizzas. Match the Rhyming Words. Kids look at pictures and listen to words to find pairs that rhyme. Counting in the Kitchen. Your kid will identify quantities as fast as possible to serve hungry customers. In this letter recognition game, kids quickly pop alphabet balloons. Addition Pizza Party: Kids practice concrete counting and simple addition at the pizza parlor.

Numbers 1 to 10 Puzzle.

prek games online free

It's a number conga line! Kids flex cognitive skills and learn numbers with this puzzle. Shapes Hopper. Your kid will compare and contrast shapes in this fun, mud-filled game. Number Pictures Matching.

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Your kid will match up numbers with their corresponding quantities. Alphabet Space Photoshoot. Kids explore outer space and find uppercase letters in this alphabet game. Early readers use letter recognition skills to knock down an old building. Create Mosaics With Shapes. No wrong answers — just creativity! Kids use shapes to create mosaic designs. Numbers 11 to 20 Cloud Catcher. Kids hover among the clouds and try to find all the right numbers from 11 to Roly Workout.

Uppercase Alphabet Hopper. Kids listen to clues and click the mud puddle with the correct uppercase letter. Dino Bones: Rhyming Words. Children practice phonological awareness and rhyming in this fast-paced game. Sorting at the Zoo. Kids practice sorting people and animals in this cute zoo game.

Museum Spot the Shapes. Kids must find shapes hidden in the museum in this interactive math game. Number Demolition: 1 to Kids demonstrate number knowledge by knocking down an old building.

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Numbers Hopper: 1 to Hop to it in this fun game that has a crazy monster jumping in puddles with the right number.Preschool is a critical time for the social, emotional, physical, and intellectual development of every child. During this stage, many teachers find themselves searching for fun and engaging classroom activities that will help their children grow in each of these areas.

TurtleDiary's free preschool games can be played independently or in a group setting. They offer the unique opportunity for social growth and development while also teaching valuable lessons across academic disciplines. We have an abundance of pre k online games for teachers and parents to choose from that are sure to excite all children. You have a pending invite. Click here for details. Toggle navigation.

Sign Up Free! Go Ad-Free. Upgrade to remove ads. Report Ad. Pre K Games K4. Learn numbers from 1 to 20 while having fun with c.

Practice writing uppercase letters in this interac. Math Games. I Spy Number is an elementary, yet exciting platfo. A colorful game for Preschoolers that helps them l. An ace math game designed for preshoolers to help. Shapes, the Geometry Game from Turtle Diary takes.

Best Free Online Games for Preschoolers

Play Turtle Diary's Adding Coins game. It is just. A perfect game for kids to help them gain an under. Play Turtle Diary's Count Coins game.

It is just o. An awesome game to teach kids identify coins like. Pick a color from the palette and fill the objects. The perfect game to teach kids about different sha. Pattern Matching is a fun online game for Preschoo. Online game to teach numbers and counting to presc. Square, rectangle, triangle, circle, oval, heart. Number Matching is a simple fun game for preschool. Learn forward and reverse counting with this uniqu. Learn numbers from 1 to 10 with this cool math gam.

Kids learn to count while having fun in this math.Ever find yourself tired of searching for games online that your kindergarten students can play independently? Looking for an alternative to just letting your students freely roam Starfall. Created by a kindergarten teacherCoolK is the place for kindergarten students to work during computer lab or at computer centers at their own pace.

Kindergarten Games

Yes — Coolkindergarten. No subscriptions or sign-ups required. Students work on foundational math skills like number recognition, counting, adding, subtracting, decomposing numbers and problem solving. In reading, students will focus on letter names, letter sounds, rhyming, making CVC words, reading sight words and challenging words.

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Get ready to learn! Pick a learning path. Free, online games just for kindergarten. Is it free? How does it work? Pick what you want your students to work on: reading or math.

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Give them the topic they should practice. Topics are ordered by difficulty from green to red. Let them work! They click on each numbered game and play the games in sequence. Each game opens in a new tab, so they keep coming back to CoolK when ready to advance.

They work until time is up. Show Me More. What standards do kids work on? Standards are listed under each set of games.Preschool Universe. Many more are merely product promotions with little educational value.

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Tired of wading through the rubble? Check out these quality sites offering free, educational games. Starfall These well-designed games are fantastic for early readers or just learning letters and sounds. All the games here are primarily for developing reading skills. Since there are 4 different levels, there is something for younger as well as older preschoolers.

Online Teaching Games Ideas for English Language Learners

My son can spend a few minutes following many Thomas youtube clips Need adult supervision when they start branching off to other clips and links. Beauty of this is, because most games are early version flash games, most are playable from the wii safari web browser itself. Thanks for sharing these. This is great! Thanks mikerosss….

Book descriptions clockwise from top left. When the … [Read More See More Recommendations. Getting in writing practice is often difficult because forming letters is really hard read: frustrating!

It's much easier to sneak in fine motor practice and letter formation in other ways, and then … [Read More I think it really helps preschoolers to understand time. Don't you always want to know what time it is? That's because you like to feel in control of … [Read More More Homeschooling Resources.

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